Tree roots and sewers don’t always mix

It is a fact that drains and sewers can and will become blocked. Fortunately in most cases the problem has been caused by a foreign object of some sort that caught in the drain or it comes from an accumulation of grease, hair, soap scum, etc. These types of clogs are reasonably simple to clear and in most cases the job can be done by the homeowner without calling for services that provide sewer cleaning in Suffolk County. Unfortunately, there are other causes of a clogged drain that are not so easy to deal with, tree roots in the drain being one of them.

Tree roots will naturally head in the direction of a sewer line because the sewer provides a source of water and nutrients that the tree wants and needs. As sewers are not pressure piping, they often have small leaks at the joints and when a tree root finds this it takes very little for the tree to exploit this leak, it grows through the point of leakage and into the pipe, in short order the sewer can be clogged tight. Not only will the roots clog the drain, in many cases they break the pipe. When the problem reaches this point the homeowner will be faced with sewage rising to the surface and probably faced with a very expensive repair job. There are a few things to take into account that will eliminate this problem.

Know where the sewer is: Most sewers that lead from the property terminate in a cleanout just before they dump into the main drain. Make sure you know where this cleanout is and track the line back to the house. Avoid planting any trees that will grow into a substantial size in this area; when your landscaping plans call for trees in this area, plant small, slow growing shrubs with a small root ball.

Know the signs: Clogs happen; everyone knows that, but if they happen too often this could be an indication of root ingress. If the drains run very slow and there is a gurgling noise coming from the toilet, this may be root invasion.

Regular sewer cleaning in Suffolk County is one of the most effective tools you have to combat a possible root problem.

To keep your sewer free from roots which can become a very expensive problem, have the pipes cleaned and inspected regularly. Mangano Sewer & Drain have all the right equipment to conduct inspections and perform sewer cleaning in Suffolk County.


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