Types of Corporate Awards Available in Columbus, OH

by | Jun 27, 2014 | Business

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There are many great corporate awards that you could give to employees in Columbus, OH. These include plaques, trophies, clocks, pen sets, trinket boxes, star awards, Pyramids, and crystal awards. Your employee or manager will be thrilled to receive a special something commemorating a job well done.


An award plaque is considered a classic performance award. These awards tend to be very versatile, meaning you can use many different looks, styles and they can also be customized for any milestone, event or achievement. These are great options for those awards in Columbus, OH, that you want everyone to see. Many corporate companies choose to use plaques for employee-of-the-month and other awards that will be hung at the company itself. This allows a unique and quality feel to be present in the place of business, showing others how outstanding your team is.


Many times, companies want to provide an award that is both functional and recognizes the employee. No one wants to give an award that is then tossed in the trash because it doesn’t do anything. People are more likely to cherish awards that are functional. A clock will always tell the time and can look very fancy or simple, no matter what option you choose. Many times, they can be engraved, as well.

Pen Sets

Another great option for functional and customizable gifts is the pen set. Many times, the pen is extremely fancy and looks very professional. These pens will write down important dates or make notes, allowing it to be very useful. These pens can also usually be personalized, as well.

Star Awards

For those awards requiring a lot of pizzazz or for those wanting something new and different, a star award is a great option. The award can be personalized, though the shape of the award itself is recognition enough. If you were to get this award, everyone would know you were a star in the company. They could then look closer to see what you had achieved. Many times, the star award is made of polished and mitered crystal to give the illumination of shine for more symbolism “shining star.”


Pyramids are becoming the new classic corporate award because it represents that you strive for the sky and are meant to show hard work.

Crystal Award

Crystal awards are also great, because you can literally create any kind of award, personalizing it easily.

If you are interested in giving your employees personalized corporate awards in Columbus, OH, then consider American Awards.

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