Types Of Fences Available At A Fence Company In St. Paul

When you need the services of a Fence Company in St. Paul, you want to choose an experienced company that has a variety of fencing options available. If you’re unsure what type of fence you need, the knowledgeable staff can recommend the most suitable types of fencing materials for your project. Below you’ll find information on some of the different types of fences available.


You don’t have to live out in the country to enjoy a beautiful wood fence on your property. Wood fences are often installed as privacy fences and you can stain or paint your fence in any color you choose. Wood fences are simple to repair and with regular maintenance, they’ll last a long time.

Chain Link

This type of fence is the perfect choice for fencing in your backyard for your children or pets. Chain link is cost effective, durable and there is no maintenance involved. Chain link is available in varying heights, so even if you have a big dog, your chain link fence will keep him in your yard.


There are many options available when choosing a vinyl fence for your property. You can purchase a private, semi-private or rail fence to enhance the appearance of your property. This type of fence is also low maintenance, durable and available in several different colors.


You can choose a powder coated aluminum fence or paint it the color of your choice. Since this type of fencing material won’t rust, it will last for a long time on your property. If your ground is sloped, this type of fence can be installed to follow the lay of the land.

Wrought Iron

A wrought iron ornamental fence can be custom made by a Fence Company in St. Paul to suit your style and preferences. Custom designs include scrolls, twists and spikes to compliment your landscape. In addition to the beauty of this type of fence, it’s also strong and the perfect deterrent for trespassers.

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