Undecided About a Tummy Tuck? In Wichita Plastic Surgery Experts Will Help You Decide

Most of us would love to have a toned, flat stomach, but sometimes that’s hard to get, even with careful dieting and exercise. This problem can be caused by significant weight change, pregnancy, heredity, aging, and prior surgery. However, it can be corrected by abdominoplasty, commonly known as a tummy tuck. Professionals, such as the staff at Poggi Plastic Surgery, will consult with you and answer any questions you have about the procedure, including:

1. WHAT DOES SURGERY DO?: During your Tummy Tuck in Wichita, your surgeon will remove excess skin and fat. They may also be able to restore weakened or separated muscles. The result is a smoother and firmer abdominal profile. The procedure is not designed to remove stretch marks, although some will be eliminated when skin is removed.

2. IS IT RIGHT FOR EVERYONE?: Surgeons recommend that patients have a tummy tuck for themselves, rather than to fit an idealized image or to please someone else. You may be a good candidate if you are healthy and at a stable weight, and are a non-smoker. You can also expect the best outcome if you are someone who is bothered by a large tummy but has realistic expectations about the results of surgery.

3. WHAT IS THE PROCEDURE?: Depending on your doctor’s recommendation, you will either receive general anesthesia or intravenous sedation; but you will always be kept comfortable. Your surgeon will make an incision in your abdomen, and through it, will remove excess tissue, fat, and skin. He will also make repairs. The size of the incision will depend on the amount of correction that is necessary.

4. WHAT DOES RECOVERY INVOLVE?: Bandages are placed over your incision after surgery. You may also wear a compression garment or elastic bandage. You will be given instructions about how to care for your wound and any drains that you have. The surgeon will also advise you about any medications that you will take to avoid infections. A follow-up visit will be planned. The length and details of recovery vary with each patient, and can be affected by previous surgeries.

Many people who want a flat stomach cannot get one without surgery. Skilled plastic surgeons will consult those who want the procedure, and explain whether they are good candidates, as well as details about surgery and recovery.

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