Understanding a Personal Prophecy

Have you recently received a personal prophecy from a modern prophet or are you looking to get a personal prophecy online? If so, you are surely excited, yet you may have other feelings too. You may be overwhelmed with information or the thought of getting information, you may want to find out more about your prophecy or you may want to speak with the prophet again following your prophecy. All of these things are completely normal following a personal prophecy online so it may be in your best interest to read up on the following information:

Do What You Are Asked to Do

It is important to remember that a prophecy is actually coming from a prophet who has been chosen by God to serve as a messenger. Just as you can read in the Bible about prophets like Elisha and Samuel, these prophets on Earth today serve the same purpose. When you receive your prophecy, you may be asked to do something or take a certain action. For instance, if your path is leading to you becoming a preacher and your chosen prophet tells you that you should spend more time focused of the Word of God, or the Bible, you should certainly do that as it is a direct instruction. If you don’t? You shouldn’t worry that anything bad will happen specifically, but you may not find the right path for you in this life.

Remember that God is in Control

One of the hardest things to remember when you receive a prophecy is that God is in control. In other words, God has his own timeline and will not always do something for us when we want it to happen. This is where faith will have to come in as sometimes it can seem as if this prophecy will not come to pass, yet it is a true prophecy. Are you having faith? Are you following the laws of God? These are questions you should be asking if you feel as if your prophecy will never come.

Thinking About Your Prophecy

Once you have received your prophecy, you will likely want to reflect and consider it for a few days time. Most of the time, you can reach out and connect with the prophet again to see if they have more information. It is best to take those words with you and follow the advice that was given.

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