Understanding CNC Turning In MN

by | Jun 12, 2014 | Business

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You may be surprised to learn that CNC turning in MN and around the world is a very high tech machining process that uses one of the oldest tools known to man. This is a way to use computer technology and precision to drill into and to shape a rotating object that is held in a steady position parallel to the surface of the object. This piece of equipment is known as a lathe, and although it is now fully computerized, it wasn’t always this sophisticated.

The History of the Lathe

It is estimated that the lathe was first invented and used about 1300 BCE in Egypt. This was a two man lathe that required one person to create the spinning action with a rope while the other applied the cutting tool to the surface of the wood that was being rotated.

Shortly after this the lathe was updated to be turned using a bow, which still tied up the operators hands. It wasn’t until the Middle Ages that a pedal as used to operate the device, allowing fully hands free turning.

Lathes went on to be powered by horses, by water, by steam engines, and then, much later, by individual electric motors. Each advancement allowed for greater control over the consistent speed of the rotation, giving a more precise cut.

CNC Turning in MN Today

Not only are lathes designed with precision speed controls, they are now computerized so that even the cutting is done with complete, 100% reproducible accuracy. CNC turning in MN stands for Computer Numerical Control, which allows a customized computer design program to actually control the entire process.

When you order pieces completed using CNC turning in MN they will be identical, in every aspect and detail, without any variations or differences as would naturally occur when items are turned using a manual process. This is an important consideration for all types of equipment where even a slight variation can create a huge problem.

With different computer programs the piece being turned can have curves, angles and grooves that are as fine and detailed as possible given the metal or plastic that is being used. The only variation that will occur is when the program for the specific project being completed by CNC turning in MN is altered or changed by the operator.

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