Understanding The Need For Sedation Dentistry In Tulsa

by | Jan 16, 2014 | Dentist

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Sedation Dentistry Tulsa perform a wealth of surgical procedures to assist you. Among these services is full mouth rehabilitation. These services allow the dentist to perform procedures to provide periodontal treatment, wisdom teeth extractions, and perform orthodontics. The dentist who performs these services can prevent significantly adverse conditions that may lead to gum disease and tooth loss. To discover more about these services contact Carletti Dentistry and Associates.

Dental Surgery

When a dentist performs any form of dental surgery it is necessary apply a local anesthetic to render the patient unconscious. These procedures are performed more effectively while you are sedated. This also prevents pain during the process. Common surgeries performed while the patient is sedated include wisdom teeth extractions, periodontal treatments, and procedures utilized to repair the jaw.

At times when surgery is necessary, your dentist will schedule a consultation. During this time, the dentist explains the complete procedure to ensure that you understand how this process is performed. Your dentist will also tell you whether it is required that you have someone with you to drive as you may be impaired after the surgery.

Local Dentists

Carletti Dentistry and Associates performs a vast array of dental services to include surgical procedures to correct damaging conditions such as periodontal disease. The dentists at this practice perform surgically-based extractions to remove impacted wisdom teeth and severely damaged teeth that are causing pain. If you are in a significant amount of pain due to a damaged teeth, contact Carletti Dentistry and Associates today to receive surgical treatment.


Sedation Dentistry Tulsa is a form of dental services in which it is necessary to apply a local anesthetic to perform common procedures. This includes the extraction of wisdom teeth that are broken or causing significant pain. A dentist will also use anesthetics to correct conditions that affect the gums or jaw. Sedation is also required when dental implants are installed. Your dentist will apply this anesthetic when necessary and explain any procedures that are performed while you are sedated. To learn more about procedures that require sedation talk to a dentist at Carletti Dentistry and Associates.

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