Understanding the Process for Compounding in Folsom

Many years ago, compounding was the only way patients were treated with medications. With greater technology, medications are now being produced through mass manufacturing. When medications are mass-produced, there is no difference in each pill. While this ensures consistent quality, it also prevents some people from being able to take certain medications because of the ingredients. Due to allergies and certain health and nutrition concerns, compound pharmacists are needed to create custom medications for people who otherwise would not have the medications they need.

What Is a Compound Pharmacist?

For Compounding in Folsom, a licensed and specially trained pharmacist combines different medications, custom mixes medications and alters the ingredients in medications so they can effectively treat patients. Compound pharmacists are important and were once the only means of patients receiving medications they needed. Through compounding pharmacies, medications can be created for the very specific needs of an individual. This can ensure a better response in healing and provide a safer alternative for those who have allergies or health concerns preventing them from using mass-produced medications.

Reasons People Use Compounding Pharmacies

  • A needed medication is no longer being manufactured
  • A massed-produced medication contains an ingredient a patient is allergic to
  • An adult-only medication is needed by a child
  • Special flavorings are needed to make the medication more tolerable
  • When a patient has difficulty taking different medications they can be combined into one dose.

There are many different services Compounding in Folsom provides. These pharmacies are able to custom make any type of medication, even changing the way it is taken by the patient. This can be highly beneficial for people who have certain medical conditions that may prevent them from taking medications in a traditional manner. Through these services, traditional pills can even be transferred into emollient creams that can deliver the medication straight to the area in need of treatment. This is often needed for patients who suffer with certain stomach conditions.

Over the last few years, compounding pharmacies have been increasing in numbers across the country. If you are a special needs patient and require medications you cannot find through mass-production, contact Grandpa’s Compounding Pharmacy and get the medication you need, specifically created just for you. There is no reason for you to not have the medications you need, when a compounding pharmacist can provide them for you.

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