Unlimited Hot Water Can Be Yours — Go Tankless and Order Water Heaters in Eagan!

The holiday season is upon us, the time of year when people everywhere celebrate Christmas. People take time off of work to gather with friends and family, to decorate, to shop, to wrap presents and spend time together. In homes, families will soon be arriving for extended visits, kitchens will overflow with tantalizing cooking smells (and dirty dishes) and behind the scenes of all the gaiety and celebration sits an unsung hero: the tucked away hot water heater that never stops working … until it does. You can but hope and pray that yours doesn’t give up the ghost at this most important time of the year!

All water heaters with tanks eventually die. As time goes by two things occur: their heating elements give out, and they rust out. When the latter occurs, they start to leak. If you had the foresight to put a pan with a drain beneath your hot water heater when you installed it, you might not discover the leak until it gets so bad it bursts, unless you are attuned enough to the length of your showers to realize that there isn’t as much hot water as there once was. If you did not install a pan beneath your hot water heater, you will probably notice the leak sooner, and have to deal with the associated damage that water leaks in your home cause to flooring, walls, etc.

The solution to all hot water heater problems, present and anticipated, is the installation of a tankless hot water heater. A tankless hot water heater heats the water as you use it and does not store any water inside your home. The benefits are stellar: one, you never, ever, EVER run out of hot water (can you even imagine that luxury?) and two, you sleep easily at night without fear of the water damage that a traditional water heater is capable of causing at the time of its demise. Any qualified plumbing service, such as AAA Wicks Plumbing Heating and Air can Order Water Heaters in Eagan, and then handle the installation, including tankless hot water heaters. Fear not how many showers the teenagers take when extended family visits, or whether the dishwasher runs continuously, for if you Order Water Heaters in Eagan, (the tankless variety) there will be always be hot water for all!

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