USA Flags: Creating History

When it comes to collecting flags, American flags are popular. As in most hobbies, there are times when it seems everyone is interested in buying a flag, even if it is a replica. At other times, the interest flags (pun intended). These waves come and go, often fueled by dramatic events. As a result, during political races, wars and, more recently, cataclysmic occurrences such as 9/11, people buy more USA flags.

The American flag has undergone several changes during its long lifetime. It has gained stripes and stars. It has featured politicians and been a part of beer commercials. USA flags have reflected the culture of the time. They have been an expression of the times they have seen. Below is a brief overview of several American well-known flags sought by collectors. Many replicas are available online.

The Betsy Ross Flag

This is one of the most famous USA flags in history. The myth of its creation is enough to make it a part of history. Yet, its celebrity is also the result of when it was born. A typical product of American culture, the Betsy Ross Flag burst onto the stage on June 14, 1777 amidst the sounds of sabers rattling as the United States fought the War of Independence (1775-1783). The flag, whoever created it, was adopted by the Second Continental Congress. In one strike, they gave the country a flag and created Flag Day.

The Star Spangled Banner

In 1813, during the War of 1812, the commanders of Fort McHenry in Baltimore, commissioned seamstress Mary Pickersgill (1776-1857) to sew the original Star Spangled Banner. This was the flag that became the inspiration for the poem and song later to be declared the nation’s anthem. It was penned by Francis Scott Key (1774-1843) shortly after he saw the immense flag waving above Fort McHenry during a British attack.

The Moon Flag

The most famous flag not on earth is the one that sits on the moon. It was placed there in 1969 when the Apollo 11 astronauts made their celebrated walk. It still remains in place, untouched by the breath of winds, wired in place to keep it standing out as if flying on a breezy day on Earth.

These are but a few of the better known USA flags. A more complete list might include the flags flown raised at Iwo Jima and over the site of 9/11.

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