Use the Best Printing Company in Reston to Market Your Store

How is your marketing program going for your retail store? If you would like to increase the number of buyers walking through you door, it is about time that you worked on your marketing campaign. The first thing you must find out is who your customers are. It is elementary, but it is also vital information for your campaign to be successful. The best way to do it is ask if them if they would like to save money off of a future purchase. Who would not want to? When they say yes, take down their address and name. You will use that information when you send out your monthly coupon offers. The best Printing Company Reston is where you will place your order for the coupons.

Are you thinking the coupons that will be thin and uninspiring? Think again. Image is vital in your marketing campaign. You will use postcards as coupons that feature your business, telephone number, percentage off and date of the sale. Then they will be mailed out to your customers. There is no way that they are going to miss this information in the mailbox. However, they could miss it in a spam folder. Thus, a post card is what will work. Further, they will need to bring the postcard to you to get the discount. You can count how much business you brought in by the number of post cards used.

Though you were employing direct marketing here, do not be surprised if your customer gives her coupon to her neighbor. Perhaps, she does not need the 10% off paint this week, but her neighbor does. This one coupon has now gained you word-of-mouth marketing, and the print media is bringing in a new customers. When the new customer comes in to use the coupon, ask her if she would like to add her name to your future promotions. Of course, she would. Use the Printing Company Reston and get your marketing campaign started. It is time to grow your business with repeat and new customers. Further, consider making and ordering training manuals for your staff too. The better they are with the customers service the brighter your company’s future will be too.
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