Uses of the Digger Derrick Trucks in Virginia

You have probably seen a number of big trucks being used by telecommunication and telephone companies to carry out their maintenances or to do some drilling works in Virginia. Well, chances are that you saw an actual Digger Derrick Truck in action. The Digger Derrick Trucks were initially meant for the mining industry but because it can also dig holes more efficiently and much faster, it appealed to the players in the electricity and telecommunications industries who use it extensively to carry out a number of tasks. The trucks are used for various purposes some of which are listed below.

Drilling of holes

The basic operation of the truck involves a hydraulic drill attached to one end of the boom. The drill is very efficient and it is used by power companies to drill holes for fitting the electrical poles. The spot where the hole is to be drilled is first marked on the ground then the hydraulic drill is positioned perpendicularly above the marked spot and then lowered till it comes into contact with the spot on the ground. The driver then powers on the drill and within a few minutes, the job is done.

Trimming trees along power lines

You have probably seen some Digger Derrick Trucks in Virginia hosting people up to trim trees that are close to power lines. This is because the trucks have a basket which can carry tools and workers and raise them up to cut down trees growing very close to power lines and telephone lines.

Setting up Poles

Not only are the trucks able to drill holes for poles but also they can be used to set the poles in the holes as well. The Digger Derrick Trucks in Virginia are preferred to by a number of utility firms in setting up poles in the drilled holes other than using cranes. This is because these trucks are more efficient and save a lot of time as compared to the mobile cranes. The trucks also used by the utility firms to carry out regular maintenance of the street lights.

Construction of industry

The Digger Derrick Trucks are heavily utilized in the construction industry. The power of their augers makes them suitable for digging tough foundation for the construction of sky scrapers. They are also helpful in digging the foundation beams for the construction of piers.

Because the Digger Derrick Trucks in Virginia fall in the same category as other heavy duty machines, it is a legal requirement that whoever operates must have attained the proper training and be certified to handle the machine. Also, there are a number of places where the trucks can be bought, rented or leased in Virginia.

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