Using a Company That Handles AC repair in San Antonio, TX Can Be Best for Preventative Maintenance

As the weather shifts from cold to warm each year most people are glad for the change and begin preparing for all the activities they can take part in during the warmer months. One activity that many people may overlook is thinking about how well their air conditioning system will be able to handle the approaching summer season. Most air conditioning systems will run for many years. However, they do need to have regular maintenance and cleaning work done by a company that handles AC repair in San Antonio, TX.

One of the first things that a repair person will want to do when they come to perform maintenance on an air conditioning system is to spend time cleaning it. Most units collect a lot of dirt, hair and other matter. This can cause the unit to run too hard, which can shorten the lifespan of the unit and cause the energy usage in the home to increase. Cleaning the unit can often help in preventing this issue. The repair person will generally have a heavy-duty vacuum with a long nozzle attachment that makes it easier to get into the various cracks and crevices of the unit. In addition, the air filter will be examined and replaced if the unit is dirty. This can be determined by holding the filter up to a light. If little light comes through the filter, it needs to be replaced.

Once the unit is cleaned, the professional who handles AC repair in San Antonio, TX will then want to examine the various elements of the system. The blower is the unit that moves the air from the system into the ventilation system of the home. It is operated by an electrical motor. The wiring on the motor should be checked for damage or loose connections. If the motor has oil ports, the technician will add drops of oils to keep the bearings lubricated. Many new units have sealed bearings and this step may not be necessary.

The fan and fan belt will also need to be inspected for signs of damage or deterioration. Since these units are critical in the operation of the air conditioning system, if the technician handling the ac repairs notes any issues with them, he or she will most likely replace them immediately.


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