Using an Air Conditioning Service Beverly Hills for Regular Maintenance Can Be a Good Choice

For most people in Southern California having an air conditioning system that is in good working order is essential to their comfort throughout the hot months of summer. While most air conditioning systems are designed to last at least ten years, many will last much longer if they are regularly maintained by an air conditioning service Beverly Hills. Having preventative maintenance performed on a unit on a regular basis can not only prolong its life but help in keeping it running as cost efficiently as possible.

When a repair person comes to perform maintenance on a home’s air conditioning system one of the first things that the technician will often do is to check the thermostat to ensure that it is not only switching on the air conditioner as it is designed to do, but also that it is reading the temperature in the home correctly. This is important because when a thermostat is not registering the correct temperature it can throw the whole system off and in many cases, this can result in increased energy usage and costs. A technician will double check the readings on the thermostat with another temperature gauge. He or she will then calibrate the thermostat as needed.

The filter on the air conditioning system will need to be checked as well. This is generally found near the blower on the system and most homeowner’s should be able to change the filter on their system since they become dirty very quickly. Making sure that the filter is changed periodically is very important in keeping the unit working at its best. The technician from an air conditioning service in Beverly Hills will check to see how much light can stream through the filter. This will show how much air can make it through the filter, if little light is coming through then the filter will be replaced.

The rest of the unit will need to be cleaned as well. Air conditioning systems pull in a tremendous amount of air. With the air, they also will accumulate dirt and other particles. Having a dirty system can often cause a unit to work harder, which can put a terrible strain on various components within the system. This can lead to breakdowns of the system. In addition, because the unit is working harder more energy is being used and this can result in higher energy costs. Cleaning the unit can help in preventing these issues.

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