Various Types Of Hydraulic Patches

Jun 14, 17 Various Types Of Hydraulic Patches

There are various types of Hydraulic patches available that are manufactured from high grade quality raw materials. The Hydraulic patch is easily available depending on customer specifications and they come with 5 year Guarantee. The types of patches available are:

  • Hydraulic door closer for Glass Doors: We have a variety of Hydraulic Patch products available. We ensure that the products are in accordance with international standards and carries a guarantee of 5years. The specification of this product includes a suitable door weight with a maximum weight of 100 kg. the hold open position can be between 90-180. It has a material of aluminium body with Stainless Steel matt finish cover. The glass door width should be between 750-1000 mm and the thickness should be between 8-13 mm. it is quick and easy to install.

  • Concealed Hydraulic patch for wooden door: this product has various technical specifications order to meet the variegated needs of the clients. This product can be easily available according to the needs of the customer. This product is made of impeccable quality and carries guarantee of 5years, excellent finish, corrosion resistance, sturdy construction and has longer service life. The specifications of the product include a suitable door weight of maximum 100 kgs. The hold open position can be between 90 to 180. The material has an aluminium body with matt finish and is best for a suitable door with width 750 to 1000 mm.

  • Hydraulic floor patch: this product is suitable for use in domestic and office environments. This Hydraulic patch is ideal for use where there is raised access floors or where a door closing resolution is needed but burrowing out for a floor spring is not suitable. It is easy to install as it has a base seat adjustable with +3mm forward and backward, +3mm right and left and 4-degree alignment adjustment. The door specification width should be between 750 mm to 1000 mm. The glass thickness should be 8 to 12 mm with maximum door weight of 100 kg compliance and is also available for wooden doors

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