Vehicle Tracking Software Offers More than GPS Updates

Most companies with fleets and field workers understand the value of GPS tracking software. This technological advance enables managers to easily see where vehicles are, assisting in deployment, time management and even safety. What they often don’t know is that some vehicle tracking software packages go well beyond basic GPS capabilities. When they do, these programs can benefit a company, its workers and the bottom line.

How it Benefits a Company

Vehicle tracking software packages that offer additional features, such as job clocks, time clocks, en route notifications, customer history, inventory access and more provide a single platform for keeping up with field work. This enables companies to benefit from:


    • Easier management of employee time and the ability to more easily send employees directly into the field each day and to subsequent jobs without pulling them back into the office.


    • Better management of customer details, which can increase efficiency in the field and customer satisfaction levels.


    • More precise tracking of employees, which adds to efficiency and can even increase safety.


  • Better inventory management since field workers and the front office can communicate easily via smartphone software apps that work with the desktop web apps offer staff uses.

How it Benefits Employees

When vehicle tracking software packages are deployed in the field, employees also benefit. The perks for them include:


  • Easier access to customer and job information, which enables better time management.
  • Easier way to clock in and track jobs.
  • A more streamlined way to contact customers and keep up with their history with a company.

What Customers Gain

When vehicle tracking software with additional features is put into action, customers benefit in a few critical ways. This type of software:


      • Opens the lines of communication between a customer and the service company. Some software packages, for example, store all customer data, including quotes, and they also enable field workers to send text messages when they’re en route. This added touch is appreciated by customers and can earn a company glowing reports.


      • Faster service is often feasible because companies with fleets and field workers are better able to estimate jobs and manage time. That means more on-time reports to service calls and the potential to squeeze more stops in during the course of a day due to smarter deployments.
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