Veterinarians In Honolulu: Dangers To Your Pets This Summer

by | Jun 27, 2014 | Animal Health

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Summer is finally here and as the days start to heat up, you can be sure that your family is going to spend a lot of time on the outside. Spending time in the yard includes taking the family pet on your outings. There are hidden dangers that you will want to be careful to protect your pet from when you are outside, just as you want to protect your family.

Below you will find a few of those dangers and how you can avoid a trip to the Veterinarians in Honolulu because of these dangers this summer.


As the weather heats up, so does the risk of your animals running across a snake when they are out romping in the grass. While many snakes can’t hurt them, beyond a strike, there are poisonous snakes that can kill them, before you have a chance to get them to the Veterinarians in Honolulu if you aren’t careful.

Try to keep your grass cut close and your yard weeded to cut down on the possibility that snakes will look for a place to keep cool in your yard. If you suspect that a snake has bitten your pet, get him to the first Veterinarians in Honolulu you can find.

BBQ’s and Cookouts

While these are fun for the family and the family pets as well, many pet owners have ended the night at the Veterinarians in Honolulu because of BBQ’s and cookouts. Here are a few of the items that can hurt your pet that you might not have thought about.

* Bones from meat can become lodged in your animal’s throat. This is the most obvious outcome, however, it is possible that the bone could splinter and cause internal bleeding.

* Avoid giving your animal bones from pork chops, steaks, and especially chicken from your family cookouts.

* BBQ itself will cause diarrhea in any animal.

* Be careful to throw away toothpicks and other sharp BBQ items, because they can hurt your animal as well.

When you start outdoors to have fun with your family and pets this summer season, remember that you need to watch for the hidden dangers above. From toothpicks at BBQ’s to snakes hiding in the tall grass, your pet is in danger if you aren’t aware and try to protect them. If you don’t want to end up at the Veterinarians in Honolulu, follow the tips above.

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