Video Sewer Inspection: Plumbing with Certainty

Remember when plumbers used to visit your house and run a “snake” through the line to clear out a blockage? All too often, the end result would be that they couldn’t tell you for sure what the problem had been or if it would recur. All they really knew was that they’d managed to break through the blockage, at least a little bit, with the snake. Sometimes the plumber was back within the month because the line was blocked again. Well, thanks to the wonders of modern technology, those days of uncertainty are over. Plumbers in Texas City TX now have the advantage of being able to see exactly what is wrong with your pipes with video sewer inspection.

Video sewer inspection works by running a very powerful lens through your sewer pipes. The camera is usually inserted through your standard cleanout or toilet drain. With the aid of bright LED lights, the camera is able to project and record images of the length of the pipe. Plumbers can analyze the images as they are being taken or go back to review the recording to remove any guesswork as to what your plumbing issues are.

With video sewer inspection, Texas City TX area plumbers can also proactively catch potential problems in your sewer line before they become a major repair situation. If you’re already experiencing a plumbing issue, they can accurately pinpoint the source and cause of the blockage and repair your sewer line in the best manner available. In addition, there needn’t be any uncertainty as to whether or not the blockage is cleared or the problems completely solved because plumbers can now use video sewer inspection once the repairs are completed to check the results.

Video sewer inspection allows plumbers throughout Texas City TX to know “what, where, and how.” What is causing the problem? Where in the pipe is it situated? And how can it most effectively and efficiently be repaired? No longer do you have to pay for your Texas City TX plumber to return again and again to address the same problems because the video enables them to get it right the first time.

Whether you are experiencing specific sewer line issues such as root infiltration, blockage, and/or cracks and leaks in your pipes, or if it is simply time for your yearly sewer line maintenance, make sure that you contract with plumbers in Texas City TX who utilize video sewer inspection so that you are not getting a guess at what might be wrong, but rather, picture-perfect certainty as to what issues you are facing and what it will take to fix them. Let technology work to make your life easier and your sewer lines clear. Call your Texas City TX area plumber today to schedule an inspection.

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