War Dog Memorial Honors the US Military’s 4-Legged Soldiers

by | Mar 24, 2014 | Society

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Wherever there has been a military presence in the world, there have been soldiers that are not of the two-legged variety. Military dogs have been known throughout history to be companions to soldiers, mascots, and have seen their own fair share of combat in a number of capacities. Long before World War I, dogs served as messengers, and they were on patrols, guarding military camps. During World War II, they were used in Europe and in the Pacific, and they were used in the Vietnam War. Today, military dogs are used for sentry duty, anti-terrorism, and for detecting explosive devices, among other duties.

While most people will say that they have an exceptionally strong bond with their dogs, that bond is even stronger between military dogs and their handlers. They are constantly together, and in many cases, these dogs have saved the lives of their handlers, and many others. Military dogs are heroes, and as such, are treated with as much respect as their human counterparts. This is why so many of these dogs have been honored at a war dog memorial for their services and contributions to the US military.

There are a number of these memorials all across the United States. On June 10, 2015, the United States War Dogs Memorial in New Jersey was dedicated with a bronze statue of a Vietnam War soldier leaning beside his dog. Designed by sculptor Bruce Lindsay, this memorial honors not only dogs that served in the Vietnam War, but all dogs that have played a role in the US military, as well as those dogs who are serving currently, and will be serving in the future.

Thousands of dogs have died while involved in military service, and they deserve the same respect and admiration that is normally reserved for human soldiers. They unknowingly put their lives at risk every day, and they do it because they love their handlers and are loyal companions. They are exceptional animals, loving and brave, and will take on all tasks they are trained to do, no matter how dangerous. They are worthy of this honor.

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