Water Conditioners in Gainesville FL Will Help You Purify Your Drinking Water

by | May 15, 2014 | Business

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Water is a necessary part of every person’s daily intake of liquids. This precious natural resource is also important in residential and business applications. The chemical structure of one molecule of water consists of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. Since water is a very potent solvent, it readily dissolves minerals it comes into contact with. However, the presence of an overabundance of the chemical elements calcium and/or magnesium can result in water becoming hard.

Water goes through a process called percolation. During this, water moves through the soil. As this occurs, it travels through deposits of minerals containing calcium and magnesium. Limestone and dolostone are a few of these minerals. As more of these metal cations build up, hard water forms. While hard water is not dangerous to a person’s health, it can affect a person’s hair and skin. Since more soap is needed when cleaning with hard water, any residual soap can cause a person to have acne and other skin problems.

Hard water can also compromise the integrity of clothing and dishes due to hard water’s abrasiveness. To rectify this, many people soften water by using Water Conditioners in Gainesville FL like the ones sold by EcoWater Systems. These devices soften water by removing excess calcium and magnesium metals present in the water. This process works by passing the water through a tank that contains sodium or potassium ions. Resin beads in the tank capture the magnesium and calcium molecules while releasing sodium and potassium ions. This ion exchange results in a softening of the water being treated.

Water Conditioners in Gainesville FL are also a practical way to remove iron from water. Iron has a distinct taste but is odorless. When iron is exposed to air, it forms a solid and leaves behind a residue of reddish-brown stains. These stains can cause deterioration if not removed. To keep water as iron-free as possible, it’s necessary to use a water conditioner or oxidizing filter. If you don’t know whether your water is soft or hard, call a professional who will assist you with the entire process

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