Water Damage in Latham

Water damage can be the result of several problems and failures of the plumbing and drain lines. Assessing the damage repair and restoration depends entirely on the source of the water. However, for purposes of this article let’s assume the damage was caused by water that is from a source which does not leave debris from a sewer backup.

The first step is to assess the damage. This assessment by PFRS.com includes where the water is or has been and the kind of building material that has been damaged. Of course, it is important to get the water out as quickly as possible. Once the water volume has been reduced to damp spots, it will be necessary to look for mold formation which is very likely to have occurred. This is when a mold remediation expert should be called to assess the problem. The best way to get the remaining water dried up is to use large industrial fans to dry the puddling and the low part of the walls that have soaked the water up into the wall. Water damage in Latham will result in this problem.

If mold is present, then the mold remediation company should do their work first because it would be dangerous to blow mold spores throughout the building. Removing black mold when water is still in the facility is a job for a high quality remediation company. Before the mold can be removed, the remaining water will have to be vacuumed or pumped out. Removing a volume of water may require heavy duty pumps, and this process will require an area outside that can hold the water, or a truck for the water to be pumped into and hauled away. Therefore, the Water damage in Latham cannot be corrected or repaired until the water is removed.

Water that has been setting in a basement or a lower area of the building for a lengthy period of time is another problem with more severe consequences. This water is a health hazard and it should be pumped out with any remaining water vacuumed out. The damage left by this problem will be extensive and very difficult to find it all. Once the water is pumped out and vacuumed out, then the sanitizing must begin because this water has been a breeding ground for all types of bacteria and mold.

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