Water Hauling And More In North Dakota

When most people picture an oil rig in the middle of a field, they usually picture the oil pump and likely a truck or two and several workers who make it all happen. Those trucks are not there for just the oil, though. An oil field needs many other support services to run at top performance, such as a water hauling North Dakota service, among others. Oil field companies can benefit from having all of these services in one place. This may mean better pricing and, at the very least, convenience and easier tracking and organization. A good field services company will off the essential support an oil company needs.

Trucking is one of the main needs of an oil company. Several hauling services are required. These include crude oil, sand, mud and water hauling. Clean water hauling is necessary for the proper functioning of the rig. However, an oil company also needs a waste water hauling North Dakota service. In addition to producing oil, a rig also produces quite a bit of waste products. Typically a person might not think of water as one of those waste products, however, the water is often high in salt content or in heavy metals. For this reason it is not safe to simply dump it anyway and it cannot be drunk. A hauling service will make sure it is disposed of properly.

An oil field requires a lot of other support besides a water hauling North Dakota company. These include other trucking services like winch trucks, hot oil trucks and flat bed transport. A good trucking company will also provide other functions to the oil field such as services for solids control, rail transload services (sand and oil), disposal wells, light plants and swab units. This is helpful because if an oil company can trust the hauling service for one function, they can likely trust it for many other functions too. That way the oil company doesn’t have to search all over the state to find the help they need.

Regardless of the service, it’s important for the oil field services company to have current methods in place and up to date equipment. This has a variety of benefits, not the least of which is high measures of safety to the truck drivers. Trucking with crude oil has several risks so it’s important that every possible preventative measure is taken. Modern equipment and methods have benefits to the oil company too. It can help assure greater accuracy and product protection which means money saved.

Water hauling North Dakota MBI Energy Services is one of the oldest most respected oil field service company, offering water hauling services in North and South Dakota.

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