Water Heaters McClean – Rusty Water

It is common to experience problems with water heaters McClean. Water heaters are like any other machine in the home. We are bound to have problems with them every once in a while. It is therefore important to hire a reputable water heating repair and maintenance service to perform regular servicing on your water heater. Although this will cost you some money, it will translate to savings in the long run, as you can avoid major breakdowns.

Even with regular servicing, there are still bound to be some problems with water heaters McClean. However, some problems can be easily solved without having to call on professional water heaters repair services. It is therefore a good idea to learn a little more about water heaters to be able to diagnose a problem and decide if professional assistance is required.

One common problem with water heaters is producing rusty water. For some heaters, the water produced may be of an unusual color. This problem is especially serious when it comes to the use of appliances such as washing machines. You would not want to place your whites in the machine for a wash and have a reddish brown colored stain on them when you are through.

The off color of the water may be the result of one or two problems. The first is often experienced with older water heaters. This is when the glass-lined tank of the water heater is corroded. The result is the buildup of a sediment material in the tank. When these materials have accumulated over time, they begin to break off and mix with the heated water. The result is an off color in your water.

If this is the case, you can solve the problem by regularly flushing the water heating system. Periodically passing water through the system to remove any debris or accumulated sediment will ensure that none accumulates over time.

The rusty or off color can also be caused by the failing of the anode. Water heaters McClean contain an anode rode. This rod dissolves slowly over time. This dissolving prevents the water heating tank from rusting. However, if the rod fails to dissolve, the tank will begin to rust. When the rust has built up, it will begin to dissolve in the heated water and give it a rusty color.

If this is the case, your anode rod will need replacing. You can purchase a magnesium-based anode rod for water heaters to replace the old anode rod. These are available at any plumbing house. The replacement of the rod can be done without the need to call a professional water heaters McClean repair service. However, you ought to have the professional performing regular service on your water heater to check the anode once it is replaced.

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