Water Softeners Systems

The easiest and the most common method of softening the water coming into your home is through the installation of a whole house water softener. When looking into water softeners in Fremont, NE you will find that there are two primary systems available; ion exchange and salt free. Deciding on which is the right system for your home takes an understanding of how they work and what are the features of each.

Ion exchange system:

The ion exchange system is very well known and has been in continuous use for many years. Ion exchange is a method of exchanging the calcium and magnesium ions with sodium, potassium or hydrogen; it is the calcium and magnesium in water that makes it hard. Of these three options, sodium is by far the most commonly used. An ion exchange water softener requires two tanks; a resin tank and a brine tank. The incoming water is directed through the resin tank, it is here where the minerals that are responsible for hard water are exchanged for sodium. Over time the resin becomes coated with minerals and the system regenerates by flushing the brine solution through the resin bed, exchanging the hardness minerals with sodium ions. The hardness ions are then simply eliminated by flushing them down the drain.

Once the water has been softened it is sent through the water system in house as soft water. As sodium is the least expensive and most readily available medium it is the most common however for people who are on a sodium restricted diet can easily opt for potassium as the softening medium.

Salt free system:

Other water softeners in Freemont, NE do not use any chemicals for softening the water instead they use nano-technology which changes the structure of the ions. The water is sent through a filtering medium and the ions of calcium and magnesium are changed as they flow through the filter tank.

To same users the salt free system is appealing as it addresses some of the concerns of an ion exchange system. As they do not use any chemical, there is no concern over introducing salt into the drinking water supply or releasing it into the waste water system. There is less maintenance as there is no need to purchase salt on a regular basis and water consumption is reduced because there is no regeneration cycle.

If you are looking into water softeners in Freemont, NE you are invited to discuss the options with the professionals at Futuramic’s Clean Water Center.

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