Ways an Air Conditioning Contractor Can Help Keep a Cooling System Working Well

Dec 19, 13 Ways an Air Conditioning Contractor Can Help Keep a Cooling System Working Well

During the cold months of winter, most people tend to disregard their air conditioning system. However, often this can be the best time of the year to hire an air conditioning contractor to inspect and perform any needed repairs on the unit. Most air conditioning businesses are not extremely busy during the winter months of the year. This can make it much easier to schedules inspections and repairs. In addition, costs for such services may also be a bit lower than during the summer months when most services are very busy.

Most air conditioning units are designed to last many years as long as they are properly maintained. One of the most important aspects of the maintenance can be in cleaning the system well. When an air conditioning system is not kept clean, it begins to require more power to operate. This can put a strain on various elements in the system and cause them to wear out much more quickly than they should. In addition, using more power will increase the amount of energy a home uses. This will result in higher utility bills, which can be quite damaging to a home’s expenses.

Generally, the air filter of the unit is found on the blower, which is located on the portion of the system housed inside the home or garage. The filter will need to be checked and replaced if necessary. The rest of the blower will then need to be vacuumed using a heavy-duty vacuum. Once this portion of the system is cleaned, an air conditioning contractor will be able to inspect the motor to ensure it is in good working order and safe to operate. The fan and fan belt will be checked and replaced if necessary.

The technician will then spend some time outside at the unit located near the house on a separate concrete pad. This large unit houses the condenser and compressor. The housing of this unit may be littered with large debris, such as leaves, branches, trash and other matter. This should be cleaned out first. The coils on the unit generally become dirty over the season and these should be cleaned using a vacuum or water coming from a high-pressure hose. The fins on the unit should also be cleaned by using a soft brush. Once this unit is cleaned, it should be covered so it remains as clean as possible during the winter season. Browse http://www.airconditioning-filter.com/ for more information.

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