What a Tree Service in Bonita Springs FL Can Do

Sep 17, 19 What a Tree Service in Bonita Springs FL Can Do

Trees are beautiful, but they need a lot of maintenance to stay looking their best. They need pruning, fertilizing, watering, and pest control. While they are small, it’s fairly easy to take care of them yourself. Once they are 20 or 30 feet tall, on the other hand, tree care can become a very big job.

Many of Bonita Springs FL’s trees are big and mature. It’s no wonder that homeowners seek out a Tree Service Bonita Springs FL to take care of the plants. The most common time to see a tree service at work is after a big storm. That’s when broken limbs need to be cut off and some trees need to be shored up so they don’t fall over. If a tree is too big to be stabilized, it will need to be cut down. Because of these things, some may think of a tree service as a tree cutting service. Cutting, however, is only one of many things these companies actually do.

Keeping a large healthy tree in its healthy state requires the ongoing services of a Tree Service Bonita Springs FL. Applying pesticide is one of the things these services are often hired to do. This can get rid of caterpillars that are eating the leaves, beetle larvae that are boring into the bark, aphid infestations, and other insect related problems. Pesticide application can also prevent infestation from happening in the first place.

Fertilization is another thing that’s best done by a professional organization when a tree has become mature. Your local Tree Service Bonita Springs FL can inject fertilizers deep into the soil so the tree’s roots can get the full benefit of the application. The service will also know which fertilizers are best for your soil and the type of tree that is being treated. They will also be able to apply a fertilizer that will last all season so you don’t have to have this redone all the time.

As this shows, a Tree Service Bonita Springs FL can do far more than cut down a tree that’s been damaged by a storm. Of course, they can remove a tree if that’s what must be done, but by using their other services regularly, the chances are good that your tree will be able to withstand high winds and will live a long and healthy life. For more information about our services contact us.

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