What Air Conditioning Harrisburg Companies Say About Improving Your A/C Efficiency

With temperatures hitting an all-time high, we constantly need to have the air conditioning in our houses at optimum capacity. However, the electricity costs seem also to be shooting up, and this proves to be one big dilemma for normal American families. A/Cs ought to be tested in order to optimize their performance. For you to gauge how efficient your air conditioner is, just let your machine run for 15 minutes when the temperatures outside are 80 degrees and above. The difference in temperature between the one at the exit supply duct and the temperature outside after the 15 minutes should be around 20 degrees. If this is not the case, Air Conditioning Harrisburg companies suggest you do the following:

Call the technician

: If you have no clue on A/C diagnostics, this is the best option. The technician will check on the cleanliness of the coils, airflow over this area and the coolant’s temperature capacity. Having issues with any of these three areas can reduce an air conditioner’s efficiency by 40%.

Clean up the filters

: The filters tend to accumulate dirt every other day. They need to be cleaned to increase their overall efficiency. If need be, you can change the filters.

Get rid of any obstruction

: Debris, vegetation and dirt around the appliance can affect the A/Cs efficiency. Prune any plants on the outlets and leave a circumference of several feet free for cool/warm air to be pushed out.

Clean up your coils:Air Conditioning Harrisburg

companies affirm that many of their products can be cleaned effectively using soapy water and a horse pipe. However, they also recommend that you check on the manufacturer’s manual to confirm how best to clean the coils.

Insulate the ducts

: Using foil-faced fiberglass insulation, seal this area to reduce on temperature loss. According to the findings of the Department of Energy, people who do this recover the costs incurred only 3 years later or less through proper energy saving as compared to those who do not.

Auto-set the fan

: Keep the fan running occasionally to increase its efficiency. In most cases, debris and dust particles settle on the fun when not in use, causing difficulties as it runs with the rest of the system.


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