What Are Embroidery Designs Used For

Oct 10, 18 What Are Embroidery Designs Used For

Embroidery designs can have a couple of different uses ranging from personal use to commercial use and from hand stitched to computerized machine embroidery techniques. Many times these different uses will have different formats of designs and sometimes different formats are used within the same type of embroidery. You can usually find designs for embroidery on the internet either for sale or for free and with varying degree of difficulty depending on what kind of embroidery you are trying to accomplish. If you are embroidering something by hand, for example, then you can usually draw your design on the fabric with washable ink or chalk and then just stitch over it and wash the garment; however, if you are doing a computerized machine embroidery project then you will need a design that is coded in the proper format for your machine.

There are several different types of machine embroidery designs formats that will largely depend on what brand or style of machine you have. If you have a computerized machine then the designs can be more elaborate with less work for you; however if you don’t have a computerized machine then you will probably want to find a design with fewer color changes as you will usually have to manually change the thread for each color change in your design. For some designs this is not a problem because they are all one color and can also be done on a regular sewing machine if you have the time and skills to do them. The more elaborate the design the more time it will usually take and the more complicated of machine will usually be required.

For hundreds of years the only embroidery available was done by hand and made by everyone from skilled professionals to the at-home-hobbyist. It wasn’t until the industrial revolution that embroidery was started being done by machines and it has really just been in the last hundred or so years that machine embroidery has had a solid place in the textiles industry. Now you can order custom made pieces from embroidery companies or purchase the software for your home computerized embroidery machine. You can also find embroidery in Bonner Springs from many different sources to fashion yourself either by hand or with a machine.

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