What are High Field MRIs in Riverhead NY and Why They Are Important

Jun 27, 14 What are High Field MRIs in Riverhead NY and Why They Are Important

The High Field MRI is an MRI scanner that uses a strong magnet. The strength of a magnet is measured in Tesla units, and previous high-field MRIs were given in 1.5 Tesla machines. However, there are now 3.0 Tesla machines, as well.

Advantages of High-Field MRI

Some of the advantages for having these MRIs in Riverhead NY are that you will have a better picture resolution on the MRI scan and it will be done quickly.

You can also see the physiological processes of the body easily, which is helpful in cases where you must have a lot of anatomical detail, such as when imaging the brain. This is the choice for most doctors when detail is required.

What is an MRI

A Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scan helps doctors look inside the body without having to use X-rays, dyes or surgery. This type of scan uses magnets, computers and radio waves to make incredibly clear images of the human body. It can also see soft tissue anatomy better than any other piece of equipment, which is why it is popular for some treatments and diagnoses.

What It Is Used For

Because it takes such great pictures of areas that can be difficult to see, it can be a great tool for finding joint and spinal problems. It is used to find sports-related injuries that affect the shoulder, hip, knee, elbow and wrist, and it can also help physicians see very small injuries and tears to muscles and ligaments.

It can also be used to find a heart, coronary and aorta problem, because it is a quick and noninvasive tool. This will help doctors find and treat heart problems and artery disease because doctors can examine the thickness and size of the heart chambers and find out the amount of damage that was caused from a heart attack or some other disease.

Chest and abdomen organs, such as liver, lungs, kidney, pancreas, spleen and abdominal vessels can also be examined with a high field MRI, which can find tumors and other problems.

It is also great for examination of the female and male reproductive organs because there is no radiation exposure involved at all in the scan. This is exceptionally helpful because radiation can be very damaging to sensitive areas, such as reproductive organs, hips and bladder, but these areas may still need to be tested.

When considering an MRI high-field in Riverhead NY, you have many options. These tests are great because they give no radiation off.

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