What Are Skateboard Bearings and How Are They Used

Skateboard bearings are a vital part of the structure of a skateboard. They not only give the skateboard a smoother ride, but they also determine the accuracy of turning and transition. Bearings reduce the amount of friction caused between the wheel and the inner ring. When you purchase a skateboard, it is vital that you also purchase high quality bearings. Unfortunately there is no sure way to tell whether a bearing is high quality or not, and this can affect the maneuverability of your board.

What Makes a Good Bearing?

Skateboard bearings, or Miniature Bearings as they are sometimes called should be smooth to the touch, with a sanded down appearance. All bearings are different from one another. Some have grooves, while others do not. They are designed to withstand extreme heat and friction, which is why they are so desirable among extreme sport fans. Many people who have an interest in skateboarding favor certain brands of bearings over others, because even something this small can determine both the speed and accuracy of the board. The bearing is one of the most crucial parts of the board. Without the bearing being present, there would be too much friction between the stationary board and the wheels, causing damage and a potential accident.

Why You Should Clean Your Bearings

Over a long period of time, bearings can become dirty. This doesn’t mean that they need to be replaced, but you should take good care of your bearings if you want to excel in the sport. Skateboard bearings come with at least one shield on one side. This prevents dirt from getting on the outside layer. It is possible to buy double shielded bearings. These have shields on both sides. Double shielded varieties are very high quality, and they are highly recommended to anyone who wants to take good care of their board. A dirty bearing will make a tinny crunching noise, and although you need to take the wheels off to clean them, it is certainly an act that is worth doing. Many professional skateboard fans stress the importance of having good high quality bearings on skateboards. The bearings will be a determining factor in how smooth your ride will be, and how effective you will be when gaining speed to land tricks.

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