What Can Be Expected From Worker’s Compensation in Monticello, NY?

When injured on the job, you have the right to file for worker’s compensation. Unfortunately, the process for filing can sometimes be a little intimidating. If you are not aware of your rights, you could make mistakes that cause you to be denied the compensation you deserve. To avoid these complications, you need to seek help from an attorney. Through the Worker’s Compensation in Monticello, NY process, an attorney can be working on your side, advising you on the steps to take and helping you to avoid many of the traps injured workers fall into, causing them to lose their ability to receive benefits.

What Happens During a Worker’s Compensation Claim?
When you inform your company of an accident resulting in an injury on the job, your boss is required to file a claim on your behalf. This alerts the insurance company of your claim and starts the process for you being able to receive benefits. This is why it is so important for you to inform your company right away. Failure to do so, could result in you being denied. Your company will want you to go through drug and alcohol testing within twenty-four hours or less of your accident. If you wait to inform your company, there will be no way for them to be able to tell if drugs or alcohol were to blame for the accident.

Once you report your injury, you will be contacted by the insurance company. They will ask you to make a statement on what happened during the accident and how you were injured. They will also schedule you for an appointment with an independent physican. This physican will examine you and report directly to the insurance company of his or her findings.

If your claim is denied, this does not mean it is over. Your attorney can appeal the decision to the state worker’s compensation board. Though no case should ever be guaranteed in any way, having a lawyer working for you can make a big difference. To find out if you can be helped through an attorney for your Worker’s Compensation in Monticello, NY,

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