What Can You Expect From the Dentist in Silverdale WA When You Need a Filling?

One of the worst pains one can deal with is having a toothache from a cavity. When a cavity first strikes your tooth, you may not notice any symptoms right away. This is because the cavity is only affecting the outermost surface, where there is no nerve supply. As the cavity progresses, it begins to eat away and destroy the inner portions of the tooth. When this happens, the nerve can become exposed, causing excruciating pain anytime you eat, drink or cold air hits the tooth. When a cavity begins to affect your tooth, it is imperative you seek dental treatment as soon as possible. Through the Dentist in Silverdale WA, your tooth can be filled and the pain can be brought under control.

How Does Your Tooth Get Filled By the Dentist?

When the dentist first begins the process of filling your tooth, he or she will numb the entire area the tooth is located in. This helps to ensure you will feel no pain during the procedure. Once the dentist is assured your tooth is numb, he or she will drill into the tooth, removing any areas that have been affected by the cavity. This is important so the tooth structure can be saved from future damage and complete loss. Once the tooth portions have been removed, the dentist will prepare your filling.

There are a few different types of fillings you can choose from for your tooth. Most people choose a porcelain or compound filling, as these materials most closely resemble the coloring of your natural tooth. There are also stainless steel fillings and metal alloy fillings, such as silver, gold and platinum. The metal fillings are typically the ones that last the longest and are less prone to damage.

Once your tooth has been filled, the filling protects the tooth from further damage and from pain. It is important to continue taking good care of your tooth and use caution when eating hard candy and other crunchy foods, so you can avoid your filling falling out. If you are in need of having a tooth filled, contact Paul L Kadzik DDS & Associates and make your appointment today.


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