What Can You Expect From the Veterinarian in Honolulu at Your Pet’s Checkup?

To make sure your pet stays healthy, it is imperative you have him or her checked at the Veterinarian Honolulu at least once a year. The amount of time between appointments will depend on your pet’s health. If he or she suffers with certain health conditions, more appointments will be warranted. Through the vet, your pet’s health can be completely monitored and any health concerns found before they begin to affect your pet’s health in major ways. This will help to ensure your pet stays as healthy as possible through their life.

What Happens When You Take Your Pet to the Veterinarian Honolulu for a Checkup?

* The first part of the checkup will involve the vet assistant getting vitals on your pet. This will include checking your pet’s weight, blood pressure and temperature. Often, your pet’s vitals can show problems well before your pet is exhibiting signs of illness. Once this portion of the checkup visit has been accomplished, it will be time for you to discuss any health or behavior concerns your pet may be having.

* At this point in the appointment, it will be time for your pet’s blood to be drawn. A blood count will show the vet how healthy your pet is and will reveal the possibility of illness, if the numbers are off. While performing the blood count, some Veterinarian Honolulu offices will also check for parasites and cancer. Typically, the blood counts are able to be carried out in the office. For some blood testing, samples may be sent off so an outside lab can perform the testing.

* During the examination process of the appointment, the Veterinarian Honolulu will check your dog’s overall health and discuss the test results as well as any concerns you may have. Before the visit is over, the vet will give your pet any vaccinations that are due. This ensures your pet stays healthy.

If your pet is in need of a checkup or veterinarian care for an illness or condition, contact the Veterinarian Honolulu.

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