What Can You Expect When You Receive Dentures in Manassas Park?

Your teeth are extremely important in many different ways. Most people do not realize how truly important they are until they begin to lose them. If you are missing large amounts of teeth, you could suffer with self-esteem issues and most likely find it difficult to chew your food. Without teeth, there are many foods you simply cannot even attempt to eat. For many people, having no teeth becomes a big problem in life. To improve your life and your appearance, there are dentures in Manassas Park. Through these dentures, you will finally feel confident in your smile again and you will have the ability to enjoy eating.

What Happens When You Get Dentures?

At your first appointment, the dentist will need to thoroughly examine your gums and remove any teeth that have not been pulled. It is important your gum tissue is healthy and you do not have any lesions. Since your new dentures will be resting on your gum tissue, it is imperative it is healthy, with no disease or signs of cancer. Once the dentist is assured you are able to wear dentures, an impression mold will be created of your gums. This allows the dental lab to be able to create a set of dentures that will fit perfectly on your gums, providing a tight seal.

In some dental offices, your dentures in Manassas Park can be created the same day. In others, you may have to come back another day to receive your dentures. Once your dentures are ready, you will have your final fitting and the dentist will instruct you on caring for your dentures and avoiding problems. In the beginning, the new dentures may cause your gums to feel irritated. This is normal and will eventually go away, as your gums toughen. The dentist can help you, should you begin to experience any pain.

If you are tired of having no teeth and being unable to chew your food properly, there is an option to replace your teeth. With dentures, you will no longer have to feel self-conscious of your appearance. For more information on dentures,

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