What do computer technicians do?

When one is a computer tech in Knoxville TN, he may not be all things to all people as the computer industry is very complex. Many technicians, although they may have a good understand of all the options that the industry allows for, will specialize in one area. Technicians install systems, repair them when they fail and maintain them for optimum performance. The duties are different and the technicians will have taken specific training courses and received considerable on the job experience. There will be a computer tech Knoxville TN area that specializes in servers, while others will work in customer support or forensics.

Repair techs:

These technicians are focused more towards the hardware side rather than operating systems or software, although full knowledge is important when attempting to determine the problem. The repair technician will be held responsible for diagnosing the problem, fixing it and returning the equipment to its original settings. The repair tech can work on computers as well as peripherals.

Network technicians:

The network technician is responsible for establishing the entire network, both hardware and software. Once the equipment is set up, the technician will spend his working day monitoring the activity, perhaps installing software patches, allocating resources as the demand changes and managing the printers on the network. The network technician’s advice is sought prior to the installation as to what will be the optimum location for the equipment as the area should have adequate power and be cool.

Help desk:

These people must be very familiar with the products that the company sells as they are responsible for interfacing with the clients of the company. They need to be able to identify problems over the telephone based on questions and answers. Although they are not on-site to conduct physical repairs, they must be able to talk the customer’s technician through the problem. Many of these technicians work in call centers which are manned round the clock.

Forensics technician:

These individuals constantly analyze the running systems to see if they can find evidence any malicious activity or criminal activity. Many of these technicians are employed in law enforcement and they are tasked with digging into the computers of people who are suspected of committing a cyber-crime, may also work for security consultants.

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