What Does A Reconstructive Dentist Do?

Reconstructive dentistry is when the dentist in Dartmouth MA literally rebuilds a person’s teeth, gums or jaw. The process or practice is more extensive than cosmetic dentistry and is usually performed under sedation. The difference between what is considered reconstructive dentistry and cosmetic dentistry is what is allowed by insurance companies. Many insurance companies will pay for the repair or reconstruction of broken teeth but they will not provide any cover for procedures which are cosmetic in nature, things like teeth whitening, veneers etc.

In many cases reconstructive dentistry is required as a result of an accident or often, the problem is hereditary. If it is not one of these two reasons, then it will be the result of poor dental care and hygiene. When the problem interferes with the normal functions of the mouth it is a medical necessity, in other cases it is for cosmetic and aesthetic reasons. There are cases where speech and chewing is impaired; these disorders could have been the result of an accident. There are other issues that also require extensive care; overcrowding, TM disorders, injuries to the jaw and other problems can often requite reconstructive surgery.

A dentist Dartmouth MA area may be faced with having to construct new teeth using composite materials or they may have to reconstruct or repair existing bridge work. In many cases, dental implants are suggested where teeth are missing and the jaw bone is sufficiently healthy to withstand the implantation. In many cases the dentist will provide support to prevent damage to teeth which are intact and functioning as they should. The most extreme example of reconstructive dentistry is whole mouth, in many cases the treatment consists of full mouth dentures.

Before undergoing full mouth reconstruction it is often a good idea to discuss the options with more than one dentist. The dentist must be a qualified oral surgeon who will give you a full oral exam and then discuss which procedures may be necessary. Reconstructive surgery can be very expensive depending on the extent of the treatment; it may be prudent to check with your insurance company to determine what they will cover. Most dentists can work with their patients in providing structured payments for patients who do not have insurance but need the work done.


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