What does a trash collector do?

Junk removal on Long Island is accomplished by a trash collector who is either employed by the municipality or by a private contractor. The trash collector picks up debris and other unwanted articles from residences and commercial business. In some cases the trash collector works on a collection vehicle which is fitted with automatic hydraulic lifting apparatus which picks up the debris and loads it in the truck. In other cases, the trash collector will have to physically pick up the load, usually bags, into the truck.

Trash collecting and the removal of unwanted junk is a job for those who are physically fit and those who can maintain focus as they can be working around dangerous equipment. The collectors who are involved in junk removal on Long Island also have to be quite personable as they frequently encounter the residents who may ask if they can assist in removing discarded furniture and other bulky objects. Any questions that the residents have or any complaints or comments are logged by the collector who then hands the log to the city administration for action. Quite often, the request is answered by the collector on the next pick-up day, either in person or through notification left in the mailbox.

A trash collector may be responsible for light maintenance and cleaning of the equipment he works on. This may not be the case if the collector works for the municipality as there is usually a department that deals with all vehicles, however, in many private businesses this responsibility lies with the collection crew. Regardless of whether the collectors are responsible for these services or not, they will check their vehicles closely every day to make sure they are operating safely.

Although this will not happen if your trash collectors are municipal employees, but it is possible to arrange additional services with private contractors. If you are having a major cleanout of your home and the garage, basement and attic is full of stuff, the independent contractor can provide the cleanout service as well as junk removal on Long Island. This service holds true with construction site cleanups and yard cleaning.

The day starts early for trash collectors, they are usually on their routes before sunrise as much later the traffic can pose a problem.

If you are faced with a mountain of trash that has to go then contact  1-866-We-Junk-It; the company provides full service junk removal on Long Island.

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