What Does An Air Conditioner Technician Do?

by | Mar 24, 2014 | Heating and Air Conditioning

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When air conditioner repair in St. Petersburg is required, the work will be done by an air conditioning technician. The same individual can also install new units, troubleshoot problems and perform routine maintenance. A contractor that performs air conditioner repair can work on residential equipment as well as industrial and commercial equipment. Many technicians work for an air conditioning contractor although there are those who prefer self-employment and work on an as-needed basis.

An air conditioning repair technician undergoes training that allows him to ensure that systems are working as they should, they also can monitor the quality of the air while the units are fully operational. The individuals who carry this title can find themselves installing, maintaining and repairing air conditioning systems in single family homes, apartment buildings, commercial spaces as well as business premises.

It is extremely important that the technician can evaluate the problem and determine the solution. In some cases air conditioner repair in St. Petersburg requires that special tools be used, the technician must have complete knowledge of these devices as well as any instrumentation that may be employed in troubleshooting the problem. In the course of a day, an air conditioner repair technician can find himself having to use a number of different tools which will include electrical voltmeters, drills, various gauges, as well as all the common hand tools such as pliers and wrenches.

Air conditioner repair in St. Petersburg can take place in some very awkward and very unsavory environments and the technician must commit himself to these conditions. Repairing a window unit is something totally different than repairing a large central air conditioning system where there are components installed in hot, humid areas of the building. Although the technicians are well disciplined and taught to treat the customers with respect, there are times when they will have to face irate customers who are uncomfortable due to the elevated temperature in the building.

People who repair air conditioning will often have earned their high school diploma and then went on to a technical school which offers specialty classes. Once the individual is ready for employment, he will usually work alongside a skilled repair technician until such time as they are confident in doing the work with limited supervision.

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