What Does Dental IT Look Like in 2013?

While the last thing your patients might think about when going for their annual dental visit is whether or not their dentist’s office is using the latest technology, many dental offices today use technology to streamline their practice and improve patient care. The use of Dental IT means better and more efficient operations for your staff and your patients. So, what kinds of Dental IT products are helping to change the way dentists’ offices work?

Starting With the Basics: Computers and Servers

These days no business is operating to its fullest potential if they aren’t using computer and server systems to improve their office’s Dental IT plan. It is crucial that you choose a server that is reliable and secure, as this is where much of your patients’ medical data can be stored with electronic records. Your Dental IT plan will also require computers, for use both by administrative support staff as well as in the examination room itself. Computers can help your staff organize their schedule, and also provide your dental technicians with ready access to patients’ medical files.

Getting a Good Look At That Smile: Monitors

It used to be that getting a good look at a patient’s teeth required careful examination of x-ray film, but these days Hi-Res monitors and digital x-raysd mean that it is easy to keep patient records, x-rays, and other intra-oral images on one screen. Having all of this information store together in an easy to view format means that consultations between patients and dentists are made smoother, and provide the patient with a better view of what the dentist sees. Due to the nature of dental work, many Dental IT plans include the use of medical sealed monitors. These monitors are watertight, and are easy to clean, meaning that there is a reduced chance of transmitting disease or causing damage to your monitor in the day-to-day life in a dentist office.

Because Health is Private: Security

While increasing the use of Dental IT can mean more efficient and accurate healthcare treatment, it can also pose an increased risk of private information being obtained through the hacking of systems. Since dental records are health records, it is understandable that this is a high concern for both dentists and patients when using Dental IT. A combination of hardware and software security devices can minimize the risk of unauthorized users gaining access to your data. Hardware security in the form of security cameras can help protect your offices’ hardcopy files, while the use of backup systems, firewalls, and anti-virus software can help to safeguard your computer data.

Advertising Using Dental IT: Website Development

More and more patients today are using the internet to seek out the right dentist. Using Dental IT services to develop a website is a great way to reach new clients.

If you are a dentist interested in learning more about Dental IT, and how it can help improve your practice, visit Sitename for more information.

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