What If Your Garage Door Needs Repair?

by | Sep 2, 2015 | Business

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Although as a homeowner you may be able to identify what is wrong with your garage door it is best to let a professional in door repair in Westchester NY do the actual work. There are only two main parts of a garage door, either of which may need repair. One is the actual door and the other is the garage door actuator or opener.

If you are experiencing a problem with the door on your garage there are a few basic tests that you can conduct to help you identify where the problem lies. If the door can open manually but it is making a grinding sound or it is very difficult to open the problem is usually with the door itself. If the door works fine but the opener is not functioning as it should then of course the problem lies with the opener. Spend a little time to observe the way the door is behaving, try to first identify where you think the problem is before you call the repair and service technicians.

The majority of overhead garage doors work using spring tension. The door is mounted on rollers; the rollers are in metal tracks which are in turn, rigidly fastened to the wall and ceiling of the garage. The spring, when tensioned, is the power that opens and closes the door.

The first thing to look at is the metal tracks that the rollers engage in, they may have simply come loose as a result of many years of service, if this is the case then the tracks can be tightened. Close the door and look for evidence of any dents or breaks that can impede the doors movement, if you spot anything the technician that you have called out to undertake the door repair in Westchester NY will either replace the section of track or perhaps pound out a dent if that is all it takes.

To ensure smooth operation the rollers and the inside running surface of the track should be lubricated. The tracks should be set using a carpenter’s level. The vertical tracks must be perfectly straight while the horizontal tracks must have a slight downward slope. You can check the track alignment to ensure that they are set properly. As the tracks support the entire weight of the door, if any adjustments have to be made this is something that should be done by a pro as the fasteners must not be completely removed, just slightly loosened while adjustments are being made.

If you are experiencing difficulty with the door on your garage then you are better off to call a professional who deals with door repair in Westchester NY. You are invited to contact Action Lock & Door Company for residential and commercial service and repair.

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