What is a Wrecking Yard?

A wrecking yard is more often than not called a junkyard or a scrap yard. Regardless of what it is called, it is a business that stores and sells unusable vehicles and strips the parts for resale. In most instances, wrecking yards in Phoenix will be populated by cars and trucks, but they will also accept anything of scrap value and this can be boats, planes and motorcycles. When vehicles are brought to the wrecking yard they are stored in a specific sequence which makes it easy for the customers of the yard to located the vehicle they wish to pull parts from. Eventually there is nothing left of value and the hulks are crushed and sold to recyclers.

Vehicles which have reached the end of their useful life, or vehicles which have been involved in a serious collision are brought to wrecking yards in Phoenix. It makes little difference to the yard owner how old the car is or the condition, as long as the business can turn a profit they are happy, condition really does not count. The cars are either brought to the yard by the owner or picked up by the yard. In the event it has to be picked up, there is often a fee associated with it which can mean the vehicle is passed to the yard at no cost to the yard and no income to the owner.

The wrecking yard is full of vehicles in one state of disrepair or another, the yard makes money by allowing the public access to the vehicles. The cars are long beyond drivable, but there are often parts which are perfectly good and in usable condition. If the owner of a vehicle has been in a typical “fender bender” the body parts that are needed to repair the damage are often available at the wrecking yard.

The wrecking yard takes vehicles regardless of their condition. In most cases there are salvageable parts, but in others the car is a total wreck. Although the yard will not profit from part sales, they will profit by salvaging the various materials that are in a car; steel, brass, aluminum, glass, etc. Components made from these various materials are salvaged and sold to various recyclers or in many cases, the wrecking yards in Phoenix are capable of recycling themselves. If you are looking for used car parts that came from wrecking yards in Phoenix then you are invited to visit Alma Imports, the environmentally friendly auto parts recycler.

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