What is abrasive blasting?

by | May 8, 2014 | Business

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Abrasive blasting is a process which uses a media to clean or polish various objects made from various materials. The process, which is carried out by blasting operators uses very high pressure equipment which blows an abrasive media onto the surface of the object. Abrasive blasting, also commonly called sand blasting can use media other than sand; the choice depends on the desired results and the material which is being blasted.

During the blasting process, the abrasive material which is referred to as the “media” is fired at the object under high pressure. The media is stored in a container which is an integral part of the blasting apparatus and may be small glass beads, plastic pellets, water, baking soda, walnut husks or many other products. The media used all depends on the application and the rules that may apply to blasting in a particular area. As there is usually a considerable amount of media left after the process there are some areas where eco-friendly media must be used.

There are many different sizes of sand blasting equipment. There are units which are large enough to allow several operators to work at the same time on a single piece of equipment such as a large weldment, there are also units used by jewelers and craftsmen which are small enough to sit on a work bench. Some units are designed to work with only one type of media while others can be adjusted to work with different media depending on the application. The media is in a cabinet which is part of the machine; the actual blasting is done with the use of a nozzle which directs the media at high pressure.

The applications for abrasive blasting are endless. The process can be used to strip paint, remove rust and corrosion, prepare concrete and brick or engrave words or logos into glass or stone. In many cases plastic media is used to prepare cars for painting, it strips the paint but it does not damage the metal surface for there is no need for secondary operations.

Because abrasive blasting does not harm the underlying surface it allows a blasting team to prepare a surface for painting in a short period of time. Blasting is also a much more thorough way to remove paint and rust. When the right equipment is employed, abrasive blasting allows the most awkward areas and hidden corners to be effectively cleaned; this is not the case with other methods of preparation.

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