What is assisted living?

The dream of everyone is to have good health, be financially independent and to be able to live out their life in the comfort of their own home. For many, this dream does come true, for others it does not and circumstances cause them to require round the clock medical care and supervision. Between the two ends of the spectrum is where about one in every 300 Americans are, they need some assistance with life but they are still capable of somewhat of an independent life style. The concept of assisted living in Southern Maryland MD is what addresses these people and their needs.

Assisted living is like a bridge that spans the gap between complete independence and complete dependence. The seniors who opt for assisted living homes in Maryland neither need full time care of a nursing home nor are they quite capable of looking after all of their needs, such as help with transportation, shopping, taking medications etc.
Although it may be difficult for family members to pay for a nursing home, the same people fear for their loved one if they are left alone at home. The assisted living facility gives the elderly a private or semi-private space if they are capable of meeting certain self-sufficiency standards. If the senior can feed, clothe and provide the basic personal care they are an excellent candidate for life in an assisted living home.

Many assisted living facilities provide activities for the seniors in their care, social outings, entertainment and transport are examples. The facilities have plenty of space for family visits and they are encouraged. Meals are taken together in a communal dining room and should family be visiting at meal times, they are usually welcome to join in the meal. Assisted living in Southern Maryland MD has well groomed gardens and places to sit quietly and enjoy life.

Transitioning into an assisted living life can be difficult for some seniors, especially if they can no longer drive themselves; they feel their freedom has been taken from them. With help and support from the family, the senior can quickly see that the benefits far outweigh the perceived drawbacks and they quickly see that the little help that they need improves the quality of life considerably.

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