What Is Euro Kitchen Design?

Euro kitchen design is considered to be the most avant gard, state of the art design style. Euro kitchens are not only ultra modern and stream lined in their look, they are also built with ergonomics in mind. The Euro kitchen does not appeal to everyone’s sense of aesthetics. However, many people fall in love with the simple lines and well thought our layout once they see it.

The Look

The Euro kitchen is designed with a very minimalist style. They use smoother, modern materials that create simple, beautiful spaces. Color is common in Euro kitchen cabinet designs with red, blacks and grays making their appearance. You will also find stunning colors such as lime greens, yellows and even oranges to add impact. White however is a very dominant color in the Euro kitchen that embraces simplicity and open spaces. Wood does make an appearance on cabinets as well, but heavy wood grain placed on the horizontal gives it a very distinct look. Cabinets also tend to be perfectly smooth with an absence of knobs and pulls common in American kitchens. Countertops vary from manmade materials to heavier, thicker slabs of natural stone. Appliances are incorporated into the design often installed in walls or within islands or counters for a completely stream lined look.

The Function

The Euro kitchen incorporates the latest in ergonomic design making everything accessible and easy to use. Storage opens smoothly using creative and innovative designs to use every ounce of space effectively. Specially designed storage systems are hidden behind sleek cabinets and deep drawers making it easier to access items stored within. The lazy Susan pales in comparison to the unique corner cabinets and narrow storage designs that allow you to access whatever you need. Even the highest cabinets in the kitchen are designed with pull down shelves that keep everything within arms reach without interfering with the look of the Euro kitchen design. Perfect layout makes working in the Euro kitchen a joy, even for those who do not enjoy cooking.

Euro kitchen design uses the latest in materials, design and appliances to create the ultimate kitchen for the ultra modern home. The style is not for everyone, but the minimalist approach offers a visually pleasing look that is calming and suits the home where style is a high priority.



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