What Is Galvanized Steel Cable?

The process of galvanization consists of subjecting steel and certain other metals to a bath of molten zinc, this process is important as it stops corrosion which can be a serious problem in many environments. The amount of protection is in direct relationship to the amount of zinc applied; the thicker the coating the better the protection. Galvanized steel cable in Texas is made from wire strands that have been galvanized prior to winding into a flexible steel cable.

Although the process of galvanization was first developed in France, it was not put into common practice until the mid 1800s when it became very popular for use in Great Britain where the weather is frequently wet which certainly takes its toll on anything which is made from unprotected steel. The process moved to the US in 1870 and ever since it is by far the favored method of providing a corrosion proof coating to steel and metal products which are exposed to the elements.

Although galvanization can be done electrically, the most common way of doing it is to dip the steel into a vat of molten zinc. Steel cable in Texas is drawn through the liquid zinc; this covers the entire surface with a uniform thickness of material. The steel reacts chemically with the zinc, this reaction forms a permanent bond between the metals, the level of resistance to corrosion is determined by how thick the zinc layer is.

Galvanized steel cable in Texas is used in many different industries which include logging, agriculture, fishing, manufacturing, aircraft, marine, appliances and oil exploration and exploitation. The cable is available in a wide range of diameters and make up, they can exhibit breaking strength from as little as 100 pounds to 14,000 pounds and more. The breaking strength is a measure of how much weight can be suspended from the cable or how much tension can be applied. In applications such as hoisting, multiple falls of cable are used which multiply the breaking strength of the assembly.

Galvanized steel cable differs from stainless steel cable in application but not in manufacture. Regardless of the material the finished cable is made from a series of small diameter wires which are twisted and woven together to form a cable made from multiple strands of wire.

Steel cable in Texas is available from stock from Thomas Wire Rope. Steel cable from 1/16th inch diameter all the way through 2 ½” is available as are the fittings needed to make an assembly.

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