What Is Included In Family Law Oxford MS?

Family Law Oxford MS consists of a multiple facet of probabilities, which relate to marriage, divorce, custody, and estate creation. In this industry, an attorney provides advice and counsel to promote a positive outcome which reflects the best interests of the entire family involved. In matters of divorce, an attorney is hired for both the wife and husband to present both sides to the judge.

What Happens In Divorce Cases?

The spouse who has chosen to file for divorce is the plaintiff in the divorce case, and the opposing party is the defendant. The plaintiff secures counsel and presents his or her selected attorney with the circumstances or grounds for the divorce. An agreement is created based upon the probability that the defendant will agree to the terms. The papers are served upon the defendant by a county deputy. He or she has a period of no longer than 30 days to respond. A response may consist of a notarized signature to imply total agreement with the terms or the defendant may hire an attorney to negotiate these terms.

Default Judgment

A default judgment is approved after the plaintiff’s attorney petitions the court. This judgment is allowed if the defendant fails to respond after the 30-day waiting period. It is highly probable that the judge will sign and finalize the divorce when a default judgment is approved. In these circumstances, the plaintiff and counsel met with the judge to discuss the circumstances that led him or her to file the divorce petition. If the circumstances relate to domestic violence, the judge may additionally issue a protection order to prohibit the defendant from contacting or visiting the residence or workplace of the plaintiff.

Abuse and Domestic Violence

In Family Law Oxford MS, abuse and domestic violence are considered grounds for the breakup of a marriage. In these circumstances, the spouse who is the victim of abuse or domestic violence may require a protection order issued at the time that the divorce papers are filed. If the child or children are additionally abused, they are included within this order.

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