What is the role of a tobacconist?

A tobacconist is the owner and operator of a shop that sells tobacco and tobacco related products including cigars and pipe tobacco. Although this is more or less the basic definition of a tobacconist, he really something a little more, he is more of a merchant who specializes in tobacco products and is an expert in how tobacco is grown, made into product and marketed through an online cigar shop or a bricks and mortar shop.

In most cases a tobacco shop is wholly owned by the tobacconist, this independence goes back to the 15th and 16th centuries when tobacco was first introduced to Europe. Shops of this nature can genuinely be considered as a niche business, the tobacconist not only needs to be an expert in his products but he must also be capable of running the business on a day to day basis including keeping the books and maintaining inventory.

It is the in depth knowledge and expertise in tobacco and tobacco related products that sets the online cigar shop apart from any store that simply sells cigarettes along with other sundry items. The tobacconist will have as much knowledge of tobacco products as a wine steward, or sommelier, has about wines. The best tobacco products, including cigar tobacco and fine cigars come in a dizzying variety and for those who enjoy a fine smoke rather than just the need for nicotine that is the hallmark of an addictive cigarette.

An extensive range of cigars is the pride and joy of any tobacconist, all kept in pristine condition in a humidor. The tobacconist fully understands the various behaviors of the different cigars and what to expect in aroma and flavor. Some of the best cigars can easily cost a hundred dollars or more, it is the tobacconist that can guide his customers, giving them the merits of each product so they make informed purchases which they will thoroughly enjoy.

As well as selling a wide range of high quality tobacco products, the tobacconist will also focus on personal humidors, cigar cutters, pipes of various sizes, shapes and quality, cigar and pipe lighters and other accessories for the sophisticated smoker. Pipes are always prized for their collectability and most tobacconists take immense pride in their selection.

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