What is the Role of a Tobacconist?

Oct 21, 20 What is the Role of a Tobacconist?

During the period of 1600 to 1625 there were many significant discoveries, no more important than the first British colonies in what is now the United States. The founding of such Eastern seaboard towns such as Jamestown and Plymouth opened the doors to trade between the new world and the old world. As one of the primary crops in the new world at that time was tobacco, tobacconists opened in droves in England. Today, these tobacco stores may not be as popular as they were during those times but a good tobacconist today is relied on by connoisseurs of fine cigars, pipe tobaccos and the accessories that go with these products.

Even though there were thousands of tobacconists at one time, tobacco stores have always been seen as a niche business. As a niche business the tobacconist must be familiar with not only all the hundreds of different tobacco products he sells, but of business in general including accounts and stock management.

A tobacconist is really an expert in what he does; he is as far removed from the clerk in the convenience store who sells you a package of cigarettes as you can possibly get. He has great in-depth knowledge of all thing tobacco. In the area of tobacco, this individual can comfortably be compared with a sommelier, a master of wines. Just as with wine, people do not drink to get drunk no more than a cigar or pipe connoisseur smoke just to get a shot of nicotine, as a matter of fact, if smoked right, cigar and pipe smoke is never inhaled, it is smoked for its flavor.

Toscanello Cigars in UK represent a significant investment for the tobacconist; they are perhaps the single most important component of the inventory. There are many cigars which are extremely expensive, they must be cared for properly and their various qualities must be known to the tobacconist so that he in turn can pass this knowledge to the clients.

Tobacco stores today are often coupled with a wine cellar and gourmet restaurants. This in itself sets tobacco stores apart from those stores that simply sell cigarettes and other products which are useful in the mass market. The tobacconist prides himself with his stock in trade and his intimate knowledge of all tobacco.

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