What Renter’s Home Insurance in Boston can Offer You

by | Mar 27, 2014 | Insurance

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If you rent a home in Boston, then there is something that you will want to purchase to provide yourself with extra financial security should your possessions be stolen, vandalized or lost due to severe weather, flooding or other incident. Renter’s Home Insurance in Boston can help protect your finances should any of these things happen to your home. Additionally, this type of insurance can offer protection in case of an accident that occurs inside of the home. To get Renter’s Home Insurance in Boston visit .

Renter’s insurance is a bit different than homeowner’s insurance. Because when you’re renting, you don’t own the home that you’re in, you’re not required to maintain insurance that protects the home and the surrounding property. In fact, if you rent a home, most insurance companies will not even offer you coverage that covers anything besides your own personal property as well as personal liability.

When you choose to purchase Renter’s Home Insurance in Boston, you need to consider everything that you own when you’re determining just how much coverage that you need. Many people only consider big dollar items, such as their appliances, furniture and electronics. However, renter’s insurance provides even more coverage. With this coverage, if you suffer a total loss due to a fire, for example, then your insurance will also replace your children’s toys, your clothing, your toiletries, your books and so on. That is, if you purchase enough insurance to cover all of these things.

Another layer of protection that you can purchase is liability insurance. If you have someone inside of your home and they trip over a loose carpet, you could be held liable. This is particularly true if it can be proved that you were aware of the issue but didn’t report it to your landlord. While liability suits for renters are quite rare, this is an inexpensive addition to your insurance that you might want to consider making.

If you’ve not purchased renter’s insurance before, or if you’re not sure if you’re getting the best price, then it’s time to visit Sawyer Insurance Agency, Inc. At Sawyer, they provide renters in Boston with the insurance that they need to replace whatever is lost due to an unexpected problem.

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