What to Do When Drains Get Clogged

by | Sep 6, 2012 | Plumbing

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Having clogged drains is a common Scottsdale plumbing problem that can be easily repaired by called a plumber, but before you do that you may want to see if you can fix the issue on your own. It is best not to ignore clogged drains due to the fact that even if it is a small problem, it can eventually lead to bigger issues – such as water back up, broken pipes, or flooding.

The first and often most effectual method used even by Scottsdale plumbing specialists to treat clogged drains is the plunger. If you do not know how to use a plunger, it is very simple. Put the mouth of the plunger over the drain in standing water, sealing up and vents. This forces pressure down into the drain in an attempt to disrupt and disengage the material that is causing the drain to clog.

Once the drain is covered, press the plunger down in quick thrusts. You will likely hear a liquid oomph sound and be able to feel the tension of the engagement from where you are holding the plunger. Repeat this several times, and you may hear the standing water begin to move down the drain. Continue until the water flows normally down. If it doesn’t work at all, plunging the drain may not be the most effective means of dealing with the clog, and calling a Scottsdale plumbing company may be necessary.

There are various chemical drain openers that may be used in some situations in order to unclog drains that contain harsh chemicals that can damage pipes, particularly in older homes. While these may prove to be effective, many plumbers do not recommend using them unless it is absolutely necessary. Not only can they have an adverse effect on your pipes, but they can also wear down the seal where a toilet is connected to the floor, and cause the toilet to leak.

Another method that may be useful in some situations is to purchase an auger, which is a cable with a crank. Using an auger is a bit more complicated that a plunger or pouring caustic liquid down a drain. You basically use a crank to drive a cable down into a pipe (specialized augers are made for toilets or sinks) in order to dislodge the material that is causing the clog. If all else fails, a Scottsdale plumbing company can send a technician to unclog a drain at a fairly low cost.

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