What to Expect During Sinkhole Repair in Ocala

Sinkholes are a dangerous and unsightly thing to have in your yard. It is important that you get them taken care of as soon as possible, so you don’t put your family at risk of injury. If you have never dealt with sinkholes before, then you may not have an idea of what to expect during Sinkhole Repair in Ocala. While the process may vary depending on the size of your sinkhole, the process is very similar. Don’t let what you don’t know cause you stress any longer. Here is what you can expect when you hire a contractor to help you remedy yours.

Remove Excess Soil

One of the first things the contractor will need to do is remove any excess soil that may be on the edges of your sink hole. This will prevent any excess dirt from falling back into the hole, and ensure that there will not be any additional dirt to clean up further along in the process. The contractor you hire will use shovels to help remove this soil.

Fill It In

The next step is to fill in the sinkhole with top soil. They will normally put enough soil to fill the hole completely, with an additional two to three inches on top. This will help prevent the soil from washing away in the next step. They will then pack the dirt down to help with the settling process, and to make sure that enough dirt has been added to completely fill it.


The last step is to apply a large amount of water to the dirt. This will help in the settling process, and keep the contractor from having to wait on rain. The contractor you hire for Sinkhole Repair in Ocala will then wait three to four days, and add more dirt if the amount added before was not enough to remedy the problem after settling has taken place.

If you are looking for help repairing your sink holes, then make sure you contact Ram Jack. They have the tools and experience to help you take care of your sink holes, and they can do it at an affordable price. Call them today, or visit  to learn more about how they can help you with any sinkholes you may need to repair.

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